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Who We Are

We provide our clients with an array of diversified corporate services ranging from incubating a start-up business, to providing capital, to creating liquidity events such as going public strategies. Our primary goal is to help management teams make the important decisions on financial matters, mergers and acquisitions, key strategic issues, and public strategies while providing resources to assist them with the execution of the right strategy.

The Principals of Alinian have collectively raised over $1 billion in debt and equity financing for client companies as well as for their own businesses. Our clients include private and small-cap public companies in a broad range of industries.

Our Story

Our Purpose

Every business experiences them at some time; tremendous opportunities or almost insurmountable challenges. These are defining moments in the history of any company when making the right decision is vital to the business' success.

Finding the right solutions and value creation strategies, as well as needed capital can be a difficult challenge. Alinian takes an active approach, working hands on, side-by-side with management providing them a customized and proprietary approach to defining the right financial and operational strategies. We can assist in bringing capital to execute upon the strategy from our vast network of institutional investors, or in certain cases, directly from our own portfolio. We attribute this approach to our ability to translate client objectives into actionable solutions that are innovative and beneficial to both client and investors.

Specifically, we provide solutions to private and small-cap public companies across a broad range of industries. Private Placement Financings, Corporate Finance Advisory, and Merger and Acquisition representation comprise our core service areas.

What We Offer

Alinian has an integrated approach to providing services to our clients, including taking a multilevel involvement in both strategy development and execution. In this way, we can help executives reach new levels of performance for their particular situation.

We act as an extension of a company and its management; filtering out distractions to the company and deciphering real opportunities from disguised solicitations. Our capital markets and wall-street experience is put to work when a client business is faced with strategic financial issues or decisions. By blending insight and experience at any business stage, we ensure that each client achieves optimal results. We can also provide interim executive management to round-out or fill vacant positions within the management team, as well as working closely with management to provide the best long-term solutions, rather than a short-term fixes.

Along with our expertise, we bring resources from our close relationships including specialty attorneys in securities law, corporate law, patent law, SEC qualified accountants, market makers, broker dealers, investment banks, and investor relations firms.