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Business Building

As active corporate advisors, investors, and capital markets specialists, Alinian possesses skills, capabilities, and resources to assist businesses at every stage of their development. We bring a pragmatic approach to the way we view building a business.

In providing value to our clients, we continually ask ourselves the same questions as business owners ask themselves - these fundamental business questions include;

  • What are the Company’s short and long term goals?
  • What are management’s key concerns?
  • What are management’s strengths and core competencies?
  • How do we organically grow the Company?
  • How do we increase the value of the Company?
  • What type of potential mergers and acquisitions are available?
  • What currency options are available and which is most effective for executing the Company’s business plan?

Building a business can be characterized as running a maze. Two things are an absolute: first, there is no clear-cut path to achieve a goal and second: obstacles are most definitely going to get in the way. It’s how well the company navigates the obstacles that defines winners from losers in business.

If managers are not careful, the maze can turn into a gauntlet. Running the maze is tough enough, yet some business inadvertently make it so difficult on themselves, they end up running a gauntlet – getting beat up every day instead of navigating efficiently through the maze and accomplishing the critical business issues at hand. Guiding a company through business obstacles demands skills, contacts, and experience that few management teams have at their ready disposal.

Alinian can assist you in reaching your goals.

Navigating the business landscape and advising on strategic issues are the very assets Alinian brings to each client. Our disciplined approach allows us to assist the client in making the right strategic choices. Simply put, we adhere to the following principals:

  • Define a clear start point and desired goal.
  • Create a process of quickly, yet efficiently moving through the business plan.
  • Acknowledging ahead of time that obstacles and dead-ends “will” get in the way.
  • Remain flexible to overcome hurdles and remain enthusiastic.
  • Evaluate each decision and explore options at every step.
  • Always remaining focused on the end game - the “finish line”.